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Message from the Chair Alton - Darkovercon 34 Update #4

Greetings and welcome to the May update!

The flowers are blooming the grass is growing and in May everyone's hearts turns to . . . new books. Yes new books! Wonderful books are coming out including ones by Darkovercon guests.

Our 2011 co-Guest of Honor, Ellen Kushner has just had a book come out. WELCOME TO BORDERTOWN a new anthology of interconnected stories and poems by some of today's finest fantasists edited by Holly Black & Ellen Kushner with Introduction by the original series creator, Terri Windling (Random House, May 24, 2011). The anthology includes works by this year's co-Guest of Honor Delia Sherman and 2009 co-Guests of Honor Emma Bull and Will Shetterly.

Our ever popular Tamora Pierce had a book come out in February. TORTALL AND OTHER LANDS: A COLLECTION OF TALES, a short story collection, featuring both previously published short stories ("Elder Brother", "Huntress", "Time of Proving") and original stories. Additionally October 25, 2011: MASTIFF, book three of the Beka Cooper trilogy, will be coming out. Based on the short section that appears in TORTALL AND OTHER LANDS it looks to be incredible! I am counting the days until it comes out! Random House hardcover in the U.S. and Canada.

On the convention side of things our music page has been updated with information about some of our musicians as well as a link to an article from the Washington Post, 2006, about Darkovercon, Clam Chowder and our fundraising for Children's Hospital. You can also find the link to the article on our links of interest page along with some other useful links.

Finally in our planning ahead stage we already have a GoH lined up for 2012. I am not going to say who yet – I have to keep some surprises for future months but I will say I was overjoyed that after several years of trying to get her to come she finally said yes.

Next month is June and in honor of midsummer if five people write to me with reasonable guesses as to whom our 2012 GoH will be I will let you know who it is. Otherwise you may have to wait a bit longer. But I will give you a clue. Think warm. Very warm and sunny.

See you next month!

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