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Message from the Chair Alton - Darkovercon 34 Update #5

Greetings and welcome to the June update!

A happy midsummer to everyone. Enjoy the long days full of sun and warmth! Here at Armida everyone is enjoying the sun, the flowers, and the fresh fruit! It will be berry season soon, and we are already planning what to do with nature's bounty so we can enjoy it during the long dark winter nights.

1. The first Darkovercon hardcopy mailing has gone out. Check your labels. On your labels is the last year we have you listed as paid for. If your label does not say 2011 (unless you paid in May or June) our records do not show you having a membership for 2011. If you think you have paid and your label does not reflect this, or you didn't get a mailing at all, contact me ASAP so we can straighten this out. I can be reached at Jaelle@darkovercon.org

2. No one managed to guess our 2012 GoH, though there were some good guesses, so I guess I need to give you another clue. Since I got some good guesses I will give you two. First, to add on from last month's - she went from a very warm place to a place that is frequently very cold. Second, she appears in one of the books (print or audio) I mentioned in an earlier column.

3. We are going to try and get as much programming up as possible on the website several months before the con. Currently I am working on topics for the workshops. Is there any art or craft you would like us to offer? I can't guarantee that we will if you ask - but if you don't let me know you want something I can't at least consider it. At this point the only one that is definite is the spinning - which is also a heads up to our spinners. Wheel or drop, we have people who love to talk, and help, spinning. So, if you have a specific request, drop me a line.

See you next month,

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