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Message from the Chair Alton - Darkovercon 34 Update #6

Greetings and welcome to the July update!

Midsummer has come and gone, but the summer warmth remains. Some days are so warm that there is NO snow here at Armida. We are taking advantage of warm temperatures and eating all the lovely summer fruit such as fresh, vine ripened strawberries.And more strawberries. And even more. . .

I want to thank everyone who is paying via Paypal, and remind you to please remember to include your mailing address, phone number, and email address when you pay. We really need this information, and it is a lot easier if we get the information all at once.

What do people want to see at Darkovercon? Please write to me and let me know. Alton's are strong mind readers, but not from Armida to the USA or Canada. You can always reach me at jaelle at <name of the con (see above) dot org. We have updated our dealers and our author guest lists, so come check them out. And we are hoping to start getting programming up by the end of next month. No one has solved the GoH for 2012 mystery yet, so here is another clue. She shares something in common besides the obvious, such as being female, being a writer, etc. with Ellen Kushner, and Lois McMasters Bujold. Enjoy the summer and lots of strawberries! See you next month, Jaelle
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