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New this year: Bardic Circle Friday and Saturday night!

So, one thing I've noticed is that we have a lot of musical people at Darkover. Some of these people have concerts. Many of them (as is the way of things) don't. But you still hear them; singing along at the Clam Chowder concerts, starting Buffy sinalongs in the hall, helping out with the clam chowder concert, sometimes even forming tiny song sharing sessions in the hall.

But...I don't hear enough of any of you, is awesome. Our music--whether it's medieval, ballads, parodies, filk, buffy, rock we heard on the radio, opera, rap--anything. And our stories, poems, insturmentals, and interpretive dance.

So, we've been given the Main Programming space to sing, play, tell stories -- anything we like, after the Insturmental Jam on Friday and after the Halelulah Chorus on Saturday. I hope you'll join me; we can bring the house down.

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