elektra_h (elektra) wrote in darkovercon,

Welcome to Darkovercon!

This community is to provide information about Darkovercon, a science fiction held Thanksgiving weekend every year in Timonium, Maryland.

  • The Return of On The Mark

    Just heard that musical group On The Mark, who were a fixture at DarkoverCon (and many other Northeastern conventions) will be at this year's…

  • New this year: Bardic Circle Friday and Saturday night!

    So, one thing I've noticed is that we have a lot of musical people at Darkover. Some of these people have concerts. Many of them (as is the way of…

  • A great lady has gone between

    As has been reported variously across the internet, Anne McCaffrey, passed away on Monday, 21 November. Anne was one of the greats: the first woman…

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