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Message from the Chair Alton - Darkovercon 34 Update #2

Greetings and Welcome to the March Update!

I hope that you are all starting to see some signs of Spring. Here in Armida everything is still covered with snow, but the days are getting longer and slightly warmer and we have hopes of seeing ground that is not covered with snow by next month's post.

The first piece of Big News on the Darkovercon front is that you can now pay for your memberships - advance ones only - via paypal. Effective now through October 31, 2011 you can pay for your memberships via paypal. Information about this can be found on the website under membership:


From November 1, 2011 through November 15, 2011 you will still be able to preregister, but only by mailing a check or money order to the PO Box. At the door we can only take checks, money orders, or cash.

The art show will be taking paypal for art show purchases at the convention - so now you can pay for your artwork with your credit cards!

The second piece of Big News is that we are definitely doing a t-shirt! It will be available to those who pay in advance to pick up at Darkovercon. Depending on how many pre-orders we get, there might be a few available for sale at Darkovercon. The t-shirt will feature artwork by the multi-talented Nancy Janda. More information including a picture of the t-shirt and prices should be available next month.

Our final piece of Big News is that Esther Friesner will be joining us again this year!

Now, a question for all of you. What can we do to enhance your Darkovercon experience? What would you like to see added, changed, improved, etc.? Please write me and let me know. I can't promise that we can do as you wish - money, space, manpower, etc., may prevent it. But I will promise that all requests will be taken seriously.
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